Emily P. - "I've invested in many serums, but Lumni's are top-notch. They're perfect for the Lumni Dermal Pen, and the combination has transformed my skin. My friends keep asking what I'm using! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants glowing youthful skin. I also have invested in the Hydrodermabrasion which plumps up my skin unbeliveable."

verified purchase - 3.11..23

Samuel G. - "These serums have been a pleasant surprise. When used they provide a luxurious spa-like experience. My skin feels so soft and looks radiant. I'm officially hooked! vavavoom, my smile lines are fading with peptox!"

verified purchase - 3.1..23

Hannah B. - "I've seen some positive changes with the Lumni Dermal Pen, especially regarding my acne scars. However, it's not a quick fix, and it takes consistent use. It's worth it if you're committed to the process."

verified purchase - 2.2.23

Michael R. - "I'm quite pleased with the Lumni Dermal Pen. It's easy to handle and doesn't hurt. While it's improved my skin texture, it hasn't completely erased my deep wrinkles. It's a good addition to my skincare routine, though. I have read that it takes time, maybe I am impatient..."

verified purchase - 1.15.23

Jimmy P. - "bought this for my wife for Christmas present. She said she really wanted to do MicroNeedling Therapy and all the advice I got was suggested I buy Lumni Products. The shipping was super fast. Packaged really well and came with a free gift. So far its all good."

verified purchase - 12.15..22

Emma S. - "I can't say enough about the Lumni Dermal Pen. As someone who's struggled with acne scars for years, this device has been a game-changer. It's incredibly easy to use, and the results are astonishing. After a few weeks of consistent use, my skin's texture has improved dramatically, and those pesky scars are significantly less noticeable. I love that I can now enjoy spa-quality treatments in the comfort of my home. Lumni, you've won a customer for life!"

verified purchase - 12.5..22

Deanna S. - "I can't say enough about the shipping and how quick it was and of course my perfect Lumni Dermal Pen. As someone who's struggled with acne scars for years, this device has been a game-changer. It's incredibly easy to use, and the results are astonishing. I can't wait to try the Hydro Dermabrasion System. You have a customer for life."

verified purchase - 12.3.22

Nathan H. - "As a guy, I was skeptical about skincare, but Lumni's serums changed my mind. They're easy to use with the Dermal Pen, and the difference in my skin is remarkable. My wife is jealous of my results!"

verified purchase - 11.15.22

Jordan L. - "Hey there! I've been using Lumni's serums with their Dermal Pen for a while now, and I just had to share my experience. These treatments are like little bottles of magic. The science behind them is impressive, with all those peptides and antioxidants. When you apply them, you can almost feel your skin sighing in relief. They're not just promising to do something; they actually deliver. what truly makes Lumni stand out is the Derma Micro Pen. I used to think microneedling was for people with endless spa budgets, but now I can get that same rejuvenating experience and at home. My dermatologist uses the same device. I can't believe i found The same one. the adjustable needle depth, precise speeds, and those tiny hairlike cones in the cartridges - it all adds up to a professional-grade treatment. Well that was my opinion I hope it helps someone who might be thinking of trying Lumni

verified purchase - 11.1..22

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