Triple Peptide MicroNeedling Starter Kit
Triple Peptide MicroNeedling Starter Kit

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Triple Peptide MicroNeedling Starter Kit


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Many individuals have made microneedling a key part of their skincare routine.

If you are considering using the cosmetic procedure, microneedling, then its important to pay special attention to the products you use alongside it. Microneedling not only boosts collagen but also forms small channels in the skin to enhance penetration of corrective treatments. This fast track treatment means using the right corrective serum can supercharge your results.

fine lines

Smooth fine lines

puffy eyes

Eye Puffiness/Circles


Dark Spots

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Skin Inflammation

Rosacea/Skin Lighten

Acne Scar


Say Goodbye to Redness.....Transform Your Skin with Lumni's Triple Peptide Microneedling Serum: Your Solution for a Flawless Complexion!

Unveil the secret to ageless beauty with Lumni's Triple Peptide Serum, a revolutionary product in the world of micro needling serums. Meticulously formulated for both professionals and home users, this serum is the answer to a myriad of skin concerns - be it aging, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, under-eye puffiness, or scars.


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Dermatologist Approved

Dermatologists love Buylumni!

"I'm kind of obsessed with Lumni...personally have been loving it for depuffing and promoting collagen as well as the anti-aging benefits."

Dr. Karen Hong, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist

Doctor Holloway

Doctors love Buylumni!

"I recommend Microneedling in my practice to improve blood flow to the tissues, to create tiny pathways for serum absorption, and to help treat specific concerns."

Conrad Holloway, MD, PhD
The American Society of Aesthetic 

Dermatologist Approved

Estheticians love Buylumni!

"Buylumniis a great tool. I always have clients asking how they can treat fine lines and puffiness in between appointments - this is it"

Kordoma Valen
Esthetician and founder of SV Skin 



4 Proven Results,
1 Fast Track Serum

Get glowing, radiant skin in as little as 4 weeks with the #1 Microneedling System of 2023.
 Cosmetic Procedure with little down time

Triple Peptide Serum
Microneedling Fine Lines

Smooth Fine Lines

With Tri-Peptides at work to protect and boost collagen and improve skin texture. Has a visible impact on skin firmness

Dark Spots

Reduce Dark Spots

CLINICAL Niacinamide 2% : Helps control excess oil and works to reduce blemishes and tackle redness

Glowing Skin with Triple Peptides

Therapeutic Warmth

Soothes skin and helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.


Facial Massage

Reduces the appearance of puffiness and boosts the skin’s natural radiance.

MicroNeedling Pen

Magical Wand in your hand that transforms your skin like never before 

Microneedling Professional Pen
wireless microneedling pen


Wireless Pen Lasts for up to 4 hours. Additional Battery is optional

Easy to Use Microneeling

Simple Operation

Ergonomic design, one-click operation and upgraded bayonet design make it quick and easy to use. Suitable for all skin types, achieving beautiful skin has never been easier

Adjustable depths

Customizable Depths 

Easy turn of the dial adjusts the cartridges depth from .2 - 2.0mm

Microneedling Facials

Designed for All Skin Types

Can be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin

Easy & Results Oriented


Apply Serum

For best results, use Triple Peptide Microneedling Serum. It's specially-formulated to boost results & enable Microneedling Pen to glide easily.


Apply Serum

For best results, use Triple Peptide microneedling serum. It's specially-formulated to boost Microneedling results & enable it to glide easily.

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