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"This is the future of Skincare Health"

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Why hundreds of People are choosing
The Lumni Micro Needling Pen

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Easy to Use

The most easy and simple Microneedling device on the market today. Sterile Cartridges attach with just a twist and easy to follow directions make Lumni USA Most sought after Microneedling Pen.

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Cartridges Stay in Place

Unlike other Microneedling devices, Lumni's Advanced Micrconeedling Pens use Bayount Cartridges that are simple to turn and lock into place. Gone are the days of Unsanitary cartridges popping off during treatment.

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At Home Spa Treatment

Gone are the days of spending hundreds of dollars per micro needling treatment. Enjoy the ease of a Professional Facial or due a deeper treatment with needling. All from the comfort of your home!

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Used by Professionals Now available for Home Use

Once available only to Professionals and is now made for Home Use. We managed to create two great systems that are now available to everyone. 

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MicroNeedling Pen
Lumni MicroNeedling Pen
Best MicroNeedling Pen
Lumni MicroNeedling Pen
MicroNeedling Pen
MicroNeedling Pen
Lumni MicroNeedling Pen
Best MicroNeedling Pen
Lumni MicroNeedling Pen
MicroNeedling Pen

MicroNeedling Pen

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Real People - Real Results

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Discover Lumni Micro Needling

A Natural Facelift In 5 Minutes…
So Good, People Will Notice!


Reduce Eye Puffiness


Restore Collagen and fade those pesky lines


Try Deeper treatments for Acne Scars and textured skin


Skin lightening and fading Age spots

Discover Lumni

Micro Needling Serums

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Decrease your expression lines with the Alternative. Designed to penetrate into facial muscles and help sooth any facial lines while tightening your skin and increase elasticity. 

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for dewy, glowing skin

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The Science Behind Lumni

This is the cutting-edge beauty solution that has a treatment for collagen loss, eye puffiness, scars, age spots, freckles, crepy skin, dull lifelessness and so much more. Do you want your skin to Glow and reach is full potential. Want to stop hiding your skin? Lumni has a solution for you. Each treatment is backed by significant studies! So when you choose Lumni - you’re using serious beauty tech - that has been developed over hundreds of hours of research. 

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What our customers say

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Mary Hunter

North Carolina

Great price, easy to use and I can make spa day everyday with this set. I bought for my eye puffiness. I could see results almost immedietly and am so thankful. It didnt hurt and I felt spoiled, and because of my recommendation, my friend also bought one. Don't Hesitate, you will be thankful you jumped on board. I mean why were we paying hundreds of dollars for facials? I have the professional facial as home now

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